Oxygen Therapy Facial

The first step in transforming you skin!

Oxygen… refreshing, soothing, under hyperbaric pressure it increases serum absorption and improved moisture levels of the skin in a natural way, while the vitamins and antioxidants are providing protection.
A combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E together with green tea, aloe vera all combine to provide not only directly visible results but ones which improve over the following days.

Intraceutical hyperbaric oxygen treatments are anti ageing technology treatments used worldwide by beauty specialists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and wellness centers.
The oxygen treatment is an entirely new form of therapy used under hyperbaric pressure in infuse serums into the skin.
After just one treatment you will get visible results of the skin being tighter, facial contours firmer, crows feet and wrinkles visibly diminish in depth and the skin has a beautiful gloss and more uniform appearance.

Intraceutical acts intracellular, hydrating the cells and filling up cellular spaces which occur as we age.
Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that the skin produces until we are 30. After this age the production decreases 50% and by the time we are 50 production ceases. This acid fills the cells keeping them voluminous and firm and it is responsible for the constant production of elastin and collagen.
From the moment the skin stops producing hyaluronic acid, the cells begin to shrink, widening the intracellular space, thus the outer skin falls due to lack of support and wrinkles form.

Intraceuticals works with a machine used in the medical world that produces 100% therapeutic PURE oxygen. It is powered by a special pressure producing hyperbaric pressure in order to make the serums penetrate directly at intracellular level of the skin. The intraceutical system uses oxygen from the surrounding air using a molecular sieve filtration system delivering a continuous stream of oxygen concentrations from 90-95% pure.


There are various options for treatments available in the salon with myself.

REJUVENATE- this collection reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens and firms and comforts dry and sensitive skin conditions. Recommended for prematurely aging skin, environmentally stressed skin and sensitive, dehydrated and revitalised skins.

OPULENCE- this collection helps to inhibit the production of melanin to balance uneven skin tone. It is good for uneven skin tone, melasma and hormonal pigmentation, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from blemishes and age spots.

ATOXELENE- this collection is specifically formulated to target expression lines and wrinkles. It visible lifts, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and is good as a preventative treatment but also for mature skin with deeper wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

CLARITY- this collection is used to decrease acne causing bacteria, balance cellular turnover, calm sebum production and reduce redness and inflammation. It is recommended for congested and blemish prone skins. Open and closed comodones, blackheads, papules and pustules.

Recently launched as well are four extremely effective BOOSTER treatments.
Antioxidant+ Booster good to Detox + Revitalise + Balance. This gives the skin a real boost when its tired.
Vitamin A + Booster good to Regenerate + Clarify + Refine. Great for oily or acneic skin or if you have really visible pores. It also helps resurface fine lines and wrinkles like traditional retinol. It has been formulated with a buffer so its not as irritating as other rationales.
Vitamin C + Booster good to Smooth + Brighten + Strengthen. Great for all skin types and helps to even out irregular skin tone and sun damage.
Collagen + Booster good to Restore + Tighten + Volume. This is packed with peptides and great for restoring volume and tightness to skin that lost elasticity, tone and density.

As always with any new machine I buy or product line I start to use I always like offer my clients a great reduction for booking early.

You can see from reading above the list of treatment options I can offer you. Your treatment can be designed to suit your needs individually so therefore if you have interest in booking the treatment we can lease as to your requirements and which treatment would suit you best.

Course of 6 Rejuvenate (1 treatment a week for 6 weeks) is 890€. This includes 4 home care products.
Course of 6 Opulence (1 treatment a week for 6 weeks) is 890€. This includes 3 home care products.
Course of 6 Clarity (1 treatment a week for 6 weeks) is 890€. This includes 4 home care products.
Course of 6 Booster (1 treatment a week for 6 weeks) is 750€ This includes 2 home care products.

The Atoxelene serums can be added to the above treatments at either 35€ per half ampoule or 55€ per full ampoule per treatment. If a course of 6 of either of these options is added to any of the above then I will discount 20% from the price.

Treatments can also be taken as a one off for anyone from the age of 25 upwards. If you have a wedding coming up, a graduation, anniversary or any important event.
Single treatments start at 145€ depending on working time.

Before After

Before and After pictures.

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